Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blame the Media

It was entirely predictable. When things go wrong, blame the media. After all, it worked with Vietnam, why not with Iraq?

A US top general, Rick Lynch, commander of the Third Infantry Division, says the war is "winnable" if only the media would cooperate.

If the media would "cooperate"? I guess he means that if the media became even more of a rooter for Der Monkey Fuehrer and the illegal occupation of Iraq, and ignore their public charge to bring truth to power.

The ridiculousness of Lynch's charge is shown in his list of media "hit-men" who are apparently out to sabotage the military: NBC, CNN and ... Faux News!

It's a sure sign of the bankruptcy of the Baby Doc Misadventure when the generals start blaming Faux News for things going wrong.

Now they are starting to eat their young.