Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Silent on Blackwater

Guess who's campaign for the presidency has remained strangely silent on Blackwater.

Give up? It's Mitt Romney's (R-Cultist).

No surprise there, given that Romney's chief advisor on counterterrorism and foreign affairs issues is none other than Cofer Black, vice-chairman of Blackwater USA.

Back in April the Romney had this to say about Black joining the campaign circus:

I am pleased to welcome Cofer Black to our campaign. He has a long and impressive career dedicated to making America safer and more secure in the world. Our country faces a new generation of challenges and Black’s experience at the forefront of our nation’s counterterrorism efforts will be a tremendous asset.
A "tremendous asset", Romney says. Yeah, if running an out-of-control and completely unaccountable private army is an asset, then Black certainly brings that.

Come to think of it, Romney is a Rethug, so Black would be a tremendous asset. How about nominating him for Secretary of Defense?