Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Supporting the Troops, Rethug Style

The Rethugs in the US Senate ganged up to hand the Webb Amendment back to the Dems without passage. In a bit of arcane procedural maneuvering, they managed to filibuster the issue and leave Webb, along with several Republicans who are also veterans and who supported the amendment, standing flat-footed.

Leaving aside the fact that the Dems seem to be unwilling to treat their counterparts across the aisle with the same disdain that they received from them when they were in charge, the saddest part was seeing aging and pathetic war horse John McCain side with the thugs who are refusing to grant our troops in the field a minimum time home before returning. Instead he's teamed up with lame-duck John Warner to offer up a "sense of the senate" resolution that would encourage the maladministration to do what the Webb law would have required. Without any teeth that could bite the BFEE on the ass if they didn't comply.

John McCain. It's sad in a way, watching the old fool doddering around and still nursing the idea -- which was remote at first and is now impossible -- that somehow he'll be the annointed one to carry their presidential banner next year.


Anonymous said...

Is Warner now against an all-volunteer Army? Here's a quote from a WaPo article from this morning:

"Senator Webb's amendment, I would say without any equivocation, is designed to help protect the concept of the all-volunteer force, and it was for that reason that I joined him," Warner explained in his discursive floor statement, which led to the conclusion that "I will have to cast a vote against my good friend's amendment."

When, oh when, are the troops gonna wise up to these traitorous old men?


Anonymous said...

Heck you shoulda seen Brian Baird tonight, the crowd was screaming at him for backing Bush.