Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dem Frontrunners Stumble on Iraq

I didn't actually watch the Dems debate in New Hampshire tonight, but I did read a wrap-up of it, and I am appalled that the three so-called "front runners" -- Clinton, Obama, Edwards -- refused to commit to bringing the troops home from Iraq. By 2013!!

As if I needed any more reasons to support Kucinich. Oh, and you wanna know the truth as to why they are so much ahead in the polls?

A friend of mine passed on this bit of wisdom: He was recently called on the phone to ask his presidential preference, Clinton, Obama or Edwards. He answered, "Kucinich."

Pregnant pause, and then the answer: "Who?"

Jesus, that's why he's so far down in the polls -- he isn't even on some of them!

So we've got the three top Dems going along with Baby Doc's war plans and the Dems in the House and Senate curling up like whipped dogs in the face of those mean Rethugs -- maybe it is time for a new party. I've just about had it with the Dems who, after all, ran on -- and were elected on -- an antiwar platform in 2006.

It's way past time to get out of Iraq, and maybe way past time to rely on the Democrats to do it for us.

Maybe it's time for a new political party that reflects our values. Which I believe are the true American values, not those perverted versions being trotted out by the likes of the top-of-the-crop presidential contenders and their lackeys in Congress.