Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Up-Down Vote? Only When it Comes to Judges

The same senatorial assholes who went ballistic over demanding that Der Monkey Fuehrer's nominees for federal judge posts be given a straight up or down vote are unwilling to extend the same courtesy to our troops.

By a margin of 52-47 the Rethugs maintained their filibuster over the Iraq Timelines Bill. So what does the media do with that?

Right, you guessed it: Blame the Democrats for "failing to get a majority".

That is something you'd expect out of Faux News, but those sanctimonious bastions of the "Liberal Media" like the New York Times and CNN? That's what they led with, too. The Democrats' "failure".

You'd have to be some kind of special wizard with a Harry Potter divining rod to winnow out the truth from their coverage.

The truth is that the Democrats did not "fail" -- they had a majority vote, just not the required 60 votes to stop the Rethug filibuster. But I guess the arcane trappings of the legislative process are just too confusing for the Moron-American voting bloc to grasp.

Now a lot of those Rethug blowhards who were mouthing platitudes about getting out of Iraq are going to be stuck with this vote. When they had the chance to actually do something about their Fearless Leader's fuckup failures, they were hiding under their desks. Or their secretaries' skirts. Or folded up between pages...