Monday, July 23, 2007

"Must Watch" Video

This is a short video from You Tube that shows -- in their own words -- the lies of the Baby Doc Maladminstration on the leadup to the Iraq Occupation.

Watch it, and especially look for the quick juxtaposition of Darth Cheney denying he ever said "it was pretty well confirmed" that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and 9-11, followed immediately by a video of him saying, word for word, "it was pretty well confirmed..."

Priceless. And terrifying, that they could spew this many lies, in public, on camera, and fucking get away with it!


Worried said...

And each is utterly shameless to be caught and publically exposed in their bald-faced lies! But apparently 29% of our fellow Americans STILL believe them; apparently getting all their news from media poodles or fundie religious sites. ( I have some much loved relatives who fall into that 29%, alas, and it drives me bonkers at their blindness).

Thank you for your comment on mine and Granny's blog. You and your input are always welcome. Do continue to visit us. I am so glad that you are a survivor (in more ways than one) and are keeping well.

BTW: you are linked on our categories blogroll as anti-war.

Granny said...

WA beat me over here. We always welcome you and appreciate your input.

They lie and lie and yet people still believe. It boggles what little mind I have left.