Sunday, July 15, 2007

If the Children Want Bread Let Them Eat Cake

Well, so much for that "compassionate conservative" occupant of the White House. Baby Doc is threatening to veto a congressional bill that will seek to preserve and expand the Child Health Insurance in this country.

It's in crisis, and set to expire the end of August. So what do the Rethugs do? Stall it out in congress first, saying it's "socialized medicine" or some such nonsense, and Baby Doc himself, in a blatant display of crony capitalism, says it will take away profits from the insurance companies.

Okay, he didn't actually use that terminology, but he did say, "It's a way to encourage people to transfer from the private sector to government health-care plans."

In other words, socialized medicine that will take money away from the poor, starving downtrodden insurance companies.

The WaPo has an in depth story on the "controversy" that does a pretty good job of sorting it out.

Oh, and Baby Doc does mention giving the poor a "tax credit" to help pay for private insurance. Yeah, like that's going to help someone making $30,000 a year with two children to feed, clothe and take to doctors when they need it. How much will that "tax break" actually be? Enough for a shot of antibiotics and a couple of band-aids, maybe. If they're lucky.

Jesus, those fuckers are so insulated from the real world that they don't have a clue how much a loaf of bread costs, let alone how much the average family with two kids will have to spend on health care.

But if the children want bread, let them eat cake. That's what they do.

I don't need to point out that Baby Doc and other top officials of this maladministration already have "socialized medicine" -- he doesn't have to spend a dime on health care, since he gets his courtesy of the Pentagon.

For free.