Friday, July 13, 2007

Owsley Lives!

Those of us of a certain age and, shall we say, "receptivity to new ideas" remember well a guy named Augustus Owsley Stanley III.

Or just "Owsley" to those in the know.

Owsley was the legendary creator of FDA-purity high-octane street-level LSD, for those of you who don't know, and Owsley Acid was legendary back in the day. Much imitated, never duplicated, and never improved upon, Owsley Acid was the sine qua non of psychedelic drugs.

Over the years I've periodically wondered whatever happened to The Bear, and just today I was sent newspaper article from the San Francisco Chronicle telling the rest of the story.

Turns out Owsley is still alive and kicking at 72(!), living in a remote area of the Queensland Australia Outback, still on his infamous "meat only diet" and still proud of the fact that he opened the minds of literally millions of American youth.

So here's to you, buddy. Way to go. If I weren't so freaking old now myself, I'd drop a tab or two in celebration. But there's no way now to get Owsley quality from street acid, so it's probably better that I just put on the Dark Side of the Moon platter and kick back in the dark.

Groovy, man.

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Peace Vet said...

the hues saved our lives bro.