Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sentenced to Death -- For Driving a Car?

The outrages just keep coming. Down yonder in Texas (naturally) they're on track to snuff their 400th death row inmate this summer.

Number 400 could very well be one Kenneth Foster, who was sentenced to death despite the fact -- and the great state of Texas aknowledges it -- that he didn't kill anybody.

Let me say that again. Kenneth Foster did not murder anyone.

What he did do was have the poor judgment to drive a car in which Mauriceo Brown was a passenger when Brown arrived at the location where he shot and killed Michael LaHood Jr.

Brown has already been executed for the crime. He stated that Foster remained in the car, some 80 feet away from the scene, with the windows rolled up and the radio on. And that Foster did not know that Brown even had a weapon in his possession or what he was planning to do with it.

But all that doesn't matter, since Texas has one of those laws that allows all parties present at a crime to be held equally accountable.

So unless some miracle happens and the governor of Texas commutes his sentence, Foster will be executed on August 30th. If you feel that this would be an unconsionable miscarriage of justice, then please consider signing the online petition to the governor, or emailing the governor from his website. See Stop the Execution for more information and action items.

Maybe we could also hope for Der Monkey Fuehrer, since he's all concerned now about "excessive" punishments, to commute Foster's sentence.

But probably not. Kenneth Foster wasn't a member of the Inner Party and isn't a darling of the Neocon thugs.

And he has something else going against him: Kenneth Foster is a black man.

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