Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bush Like Hitler

At least that was what the screaming headlines across the wingnut blogosphere (and yes, in the SCLM as well) said about Muslim congressman Keith Ellison's speech to, of all things, a convocation of Atheists for Human Rights.

Okay, fine. Except that's not exactly what he said. He did make a comparison between the Nazi party of 1933 and the Rethug party of today, and suggested that there were some interesting parallels between the Reichstag Fire and 9/11.

Mostly with that comparison, Ellison was voicing the same concerns that many of us have been voicing. Not that the Rethugs actually were behind 9/11, the way the Nazis were behind the fire, but in the way they were able to skillfully, adroitly and perniciously use the attack as an excuse for clamping down on free speech, religious liberty and the right of everyone to be immune from illegal search and seizure.

But oh, no. Not in that alternate universe over in Wingnutistan. They are calling for Ellison's head, calling him a traitor and a "conspiracy theorist".

Conspiracy theory. The rightwing has worked long and hard to reframe even our language, and they have been very successful at it. Anyone that comes up with an idea that they don't like they label it "conspiracy thory", and that has become shorthand for "psychotic babbling".

Once you get everyone on the same page with that, it pretty much frees you to do anything, and if by some chance you get busted doing it, deny it and attack your accuser as pushing conspiracy theory crap.

So then you can really engage in a conspiracy and get away with it.

I'm just saying...

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm getting more and more suspicious of Ellisons's true motives. You will recall the rukus raised when he demanded to use the Koran in his swearing in ceremony.

If there's anybody in this country that hasn't yet drawn the factual comparisons between Bush and Nazi's, it'd have to be Bush et al. So Ellison's public statements in that speech hardly cover new ground - except to generate PR for Ellison. I'm just very suspicious of his motives. He seems put himself in a situation that pits his "Muslimism" against Bush, directly, or inferred.

What you say abut the Reich Wing and conspiracy theories, and resulting political use thereof, is entirely true. Ellison would serve us all much better, telling us how he and his cohorts are going to prevent that, imo.

He is NOT "a Muslim Congressman." He is a Congressman, period! He's not serving in a place of worship; he's serving in a government office. Leave the "Muslim" bit at the door and pick it up on his way out.