Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Liberal Media Strikes Again

Yesterday Der Monkey Fuehrer gave his weekly radio address, and in it can be found the following:

It became clear that our approach in Iraq was not working ... so in January I announced a new way forward.
In other words, he admitted that he and his malignant maladministration had fucked up. This is the first time that I can remember when he ever said anything remotely critical of his own decisions.

So what does the Liberal Media do with it? They bury the lede.

Here's a Google News search for the terms "bush saturday radio iraq": . There are a total of 99 hits, and only one of them leads off with the truly newsworthy fact, and that was a foreign website out of Pakistan called Pakistani Dawn.

And if you do a search for bush+saturday+radio and the phrase "approach in Iraq was not working", you get exactly TWO hits. Again, it was of course the Pakistani Dawn page, plus the Chicago Tribune, which merely displayed the entire radio address without comment.

Yeah, you just can't beat that ole Liberal Media, can you?