Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nicholson to Resign!

I've railed before about the Bush crony at the top of the heap in the VA, whose only credentials are that he's a veteran himself (yeah, like that helped the rest of us) with a strong Rethug loyalty to the Little Dictator, so it comes as welcome news that he's finally going to resign.

It won't be effective until October sometime, though, so he'll have a few months left to dish out those obscene bonuses to his own top cronies in the VA, and make a few more bad decisions when it comes to such minor fare as veterans benefits and health care.

But still, it's just another in what will prove to be a long line of senior maladminstration officials bailing out like a bunch of rats deserting a sinking ship.

So goodbye, Jimmy. Heckuva job!