Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going Dark for a While

Now that I am officially a geezer and eligible for Social Security, I'm retiring from work this Friday, and I have some well-earned leisure time coming to me (jeez, that kinda sounds like The Giggling Murder Monkey and his infamous "political capital" comment, doesn't it?).

Plus my retirement party/roast will undoubtedly render me hors de combat for a while anyway.

Check back in a week or so, after I've had a chance to recharge my batteries. (Funny, isn't it, that the older the battery, the less time between charges...)

And after I find a t-shirt that says, instead of Will Work for Food, Will Not Work for Anything.

Catch you later, and thanks for reading!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

From one retired geezer to (now) another...may all your trips be planned around your naps, may every store have either a soft couch or rocking chair to sit in, and may you always have some one to take those damn child proof caps off for you!!

Congratulations, my friend. You have earned it a hundred times over!!

Granny said...

Here's another geezer checking in.

Enjoy. Mine hasn't gone exactly as planned; I've spent most of it raising yet another generation of kids.

At least I have someone to remove the child proof caps and help me with the computer and digital camera.

It's embarrassing.

betmo said...

hey- have a great time!!! rest up and relax- you certainly deserve it. :) oh- and i am not a geezer yet- but i seem to keep good company anyway- hee hee :)

Anonymous said...

take care and hurry back!!! you'll probably discover that you don't have a lot to do, but it takes you all day to get it done. Also, if it doesn't get done today, there's always tomorrow.

nunya said...