Tuesday, October 10, 2006

VA Cutbacks Turn Deadly

Right in my own backyard, an aging WWII veteran named Clinton Fuller went to the VA hospital in Spokane, Washington, where he died in front of the building because they did not have the staff and equipment to man a 24-hour emergency medicine department.

Budget cutbacks at the VA, we are told. So sorry. "Stuff" happens. You go with the medical you've got, not the medical care you want or would like to have.

Tell that to Clinton Fuller and his family, who believed right up to the biter end that they could get the health care they were promised from the VA.

Read the whole sorry story here, by VA Watchdog's Larry Scott, and prepare to get pissed off.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I worked for a brief period of time in a VA hospital...you don't even want to know. It's one cluster F*** from top to bottom.

betmo said...

but the repubs support our troops and veterens doncha know.

jae said...

I saw that story earlier this week and the horror and sadness I felt while reading are indescribable.
I wrote to LGND:
"I cannot reconcile the treatment of the courageous with the uncaring force that sends them to what ultimately becomes their destruction. To me, there is something so utterly senseless about ingratitude."
It's Dispicable.