Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Border Fence

Talk about your ill-concieved ill-thought-out ideas. This article from the Ft Worth Star Telegram puts it all into perspective.

Ranchers, farmers and businessmen all along the Rio Grande River that forms the border between Mexico and Texas are upset about the fence. And with good reason. They are afraid that the fence will keep them away from the life-giving water of the river, and will keep out the Mexican citizens who currently cross the border to spend money in the local communities. And then return home, BTW.

But it's an election year, and the good ole boys in Congress get to go home and pretend they are doing something about illegal immigration.

Any schoolboy could have told you that a 700 mile fence on a 2,000 mile border would be a joke anyway. If you go for a walk in the woods and you come to a log in your way, what do you do?

Right. You go over it if you can, or you go around it if you can't. It ain't rocket surgery.


msliberty said...

Very well said.

I'm preparing a post on this very subject, but probably won't have it up until the weekend.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

That'll never be built. The whole idea was all for show, and none for go. Congress followed the First Idiot's example: Talk it to death with hard ass solutions because they needed to appease the votors....then let it die a quiet death. Do you really think Bush would do anything to impair cheap labor? Or for that matter, the supposed "Democrats" in Congress? Most of them are business owners, too.

nunya said...

The fence is another unfunded mandate. Probably just a pre-election stunt. You can bet your ass this won't be unfunded, and it will destroy the teamsters.