Monday, October 16, 2006

The Big Database

I'm sure I'm in it. You're probably in it. Everyone who reads this blog is probably in it.

It's the huge Dept of Defense database on anti-war demonstrators, pacifists, quakers and other traitors. They've managed to list us all as potential terrorists.

Read the NYTimes article (login required -- try for one it it asks) for a chilling glimpse in the fascism that is slowly surrounding us on all sides.

Yeah, won't be long until those of over here in Left Blogistan will be rounded up in the middle of the night for "extraordinary rendition" and taken to a sports stadium a la Argentina and Chile in the bad old days.

A woman I met a number of years ago was reading Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number one day, and I told her then that it could happen very easily here. She argued with me, of course, telling me that our Constitution wouldn't allow it.

Really? I wonder where she is now and if she still agrees.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's becoming about as transparent as a brick wall, isn't it? You may also be interested in the help this place is providing. Herd 'em in, lock 'em up....problem solved!!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I am definitly in it because I am former Military Intelligence. I still get the feeling I am being watched.

moderate said...

I hope I'm in it...good company as far as I'm concerned...fuck 'em

nunya said...

I hope they're bored shitless if they are bothering with me.