Monday, October 30, 2006

From Our "Pot Calls Kettle Black" Department

Prezdint Numbnutz today stated that the Democrats "lack a plan to win" in Iraq.

So, Baby Doc, how's that plan of yours working out? The 100th US serviceman to die in October checked out earlier today, and that total will assuredly go even higher before the month is officially over.

That's Bushco "stay the course" philosophy at work. Even though Tony Snowjob claimed that Baby Doc said it "only" eight times. Too bad the White House isn't capable of doing its own Google search, since Keith Olberman came up with nearly 30 instances -- and showed all of them -- of the little fucker chanting Stay the Course, Stay the Course.

Not that any of the fuckers in the Baby Doc Maladminstration can even articulate what "winning" in Iraq would look like.

Here's a hint: It's not going to be pretty, what with over 14 thousand of sophisticated weapons missing and unlikely to be recovered. "Winning" will like consist of slinking out under cover of darkness, abandoning a ruined country to a vicious religious war.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

abandoning a ruined country to a vicious religious war.
Ruined because of a vicious, religious war. Daddy left them hanging out in the wind....Jr. will do even better than Daddy. If there was anybody in that country that DIDN'T hate us, Dubya fucking well took care of that oversight!!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Don't worry, when we move out the Iranians will prop up a proper Shia Government. Then they will really hate us.