Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Last Throes are the Worst Throes

Hard to believe that we've been in the "last throes" of the insurgency in Iraq since 2004. Time flies when you're having fun.

Eleven US servicemen were killed yesterday! That makes 70 deaths just this month. We're now on track to have the worst month for deaths since January 2005.

And that's against a backgound of sectarian violence that in September alone has killed 2600 Iraqis.

And yet Darth Cheney said just yesterday on the Rush "Oxycontin Cowboy" Limbaugh show that things are going well in Iraq! I wonder what it would take for him to say things weren't going well? A nuclear explosion in the Green Zone? A total meltdown of the oil-rich desert into a huge asphalt parking lot? A Roman candle up his ass?

How can these fuckers keep this up? How can they just keep lying to us with a straight face? And how can so many people continue to believe those lies?

It boggles the mind. It really does.


Pat said...

Friday by the numbers ain't gonna be pretty the way things are headed.
My mind is way beyond boggled, these shitheads in DC are becoming real scary.

Anonymous said...

Here's how they're doing it. Almost impossible to fight until reality becomes completely undeniable.

moderate said...

because they are the most evil, degenerate bastards ever to hold office in this country! ...and no, "hate" is not too strong a word!

fjb said...

Hi there,
I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and I'm going to wade in on something that will potentially piss some Americans off.
You asked "How can these fuckers keep this up?" I think it has something to do with how most of you treat your politicians. You tend to put them on pedestals and forget that they are merely your "employees". Most of us here in Canada have learned not to make that mistake. We know they're all a bunch of lying bastards, but we vote for the one who we feel is the better of all evils, then when they piss us off, we boot them out (usually before the end of their "term"). Yah, it's a pain in the ass to have to go to the polls every couple of years or so, but I think they tend to be a little more careful when it comes to making us really mad.
How can they keep it up? Because they're aloud to. You guys need to remember who pays your leader's wages in a "free and democratic" society. You do.

drainbamage said...

FJB I think I like Canada!

However things are a tad different here. We are under 30% of the population voting for 2 possible candidates that when you throw one out the other is just as bad. An example would be California and the Governor they got rid of so they could have Arnold. Did that send a message to anybody? Other than you shouldn't hope for something better?

We have two parties with the supposed difference of 1 likes guns and the other likes abortions. Me, I think both are just fine and up to the individual to decide for themselves if they want either. We have virtually no 3rd party in the USA and no way to get away from the corrupt evil bastards that control our politicians BIG BISUNESS.

What I do find funny is how little we do hear about Canada in the news, maybe you guys are laid back and doing things right?

fjb said...


Love the the name!

Yah, that two party system must really suck. It's a lot harder to keep them honest (as honest as any of them can be), when there isn't any viable alternative.

Here we even have the occasional communist who has the nerve to run, and if we're feeling really pissy, some of us will even vote for them, just to prove a point. Seriously though, we have the big "4" up here. Though a minority government, which is what we have now, can be a pain in the butt, with more arguing than action, they need the support of the other parties before bills and laws are passed in parliament. Keeps 'em on their toes.
As far as us in the news goes, we have our moments. We aren't as pure as the driven snow (bad Northern pun, sorry), as we like to pretend we are. Check out or