Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yawn, it's Romney

After all the hoopla and the millions of bucks thrown into Iowa by all of the candidates, you'd think that it would be more exciting than this.

But it isn't. Romney wins, which is what everyone who has a little toe firmly grounded in reality has been saying all along.

Now the truly entertaining candidates (Bachmann, Gingrich) are nursing their stubbed toes and mouthing platitudes such as, "It's not over till it's over" and shit like that.

The surprising-to-some showing of Rick Santorum in second place just goes to show you the value of "retail politics" -- Little Ricky made more in-person town hall appearances in Iowa than there are towns to have a town hall in. Let's see him try that on the national stage.

Ron Paul, of course, the true Republican maverick, appeals to the more disaffected voters, but his campaign is really really going no where, so in the end it will be Romney who gets the nomination and then gets the unenviable opportunity to be kicked in the ass by the re-emergent Barack Obama.

As long as there is no October Surprise in the offing...