Monday, January 02, 2012

God I Miss Herman Cain.

"If you cain't get a pizza for $9.99, it's yo' fault!"

With Cain out of the race for the Rethug nomination, those of us over on the left are beside ourselves. Such a rich gold mine for political snark just doesn't come along every day. Last summer I was also hoping Sarah "Half-Governor" Palin was going to finally, after weeks of dithering, throw her hat in the ring after all. For someone who sees comedy in pretty much everything and lives for the chance to make fun of someone in Rethug politics, it's almost more than I can take.

And of course over in the wingnuttery, the talking heads are blaming, if you can believe it, the Democrats for engaging in a "high tech lynching" by "driving" Cain out of the race.

Are you fucking kidding me? We were praying that he'd stay in and become the eventual nominee. Obama would have had a field day totally demolishing that overgrown serial molester in head-to-head debates.

Now the best we have left if Newt Gingrich, who remains, as Paul Krugman called him, "a stupid man's idea of what a smart man should sound like"... I can't wait for him to debate Obama. Right after he explains away that huge payout he had to make in response to the negative findings against him for his ethical lapses while he was still Speaker of the House. Or was that Spanker of the House? We'll never know for sure, since there's no way he will get to be the nominee. As soon as the dust settles, we'll end up with Romney.

Oh, there will still be some easy jokes about him and many embarrassing gaffes on his part, but he just doesn't carry the kind low-hanging fruit that the others do. It'll be a little harder for us out here in Snarkland. Don't worry though, we'll soldier through anyway -- it's a calling to public service.


Sarge said...

What happens in Iowa tomorrow will not really determine anything but muddle the GOP choices even more.
I see Bachmann hanging on for the hopes of a VP nod - Huntsman, and Perry will likely be history.
As to Cain - the man was a joke and had no hope of a nomination much less beating Obama.
Noot has more baggage than a fleet of 747s, Santorum needs put in a sanatarium, Ron Paul should be Santorum's roomate at the nut house - Perry is beyond stupid -
How the AF let his ingnorant ass fly 130s is a mystery to me.
That leaves Romney who thinks that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri..

Focus on the House and Senate races...


Analyst said...

The Republican contest for a candidate is like a beauty contest - for toads.