Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day

Up here in the Wet Corner of the country, our usual precipitation is in the form of rain, with an only occasional "thick rain" (aka snow), so it's with some surprise that I learned this morning that we have had a record amount of snowfall in just one day.

This is it, over 10 inches overnight, and it's been a living freezing hell to drive in. Not for me so much, since I have a Jeep (gotta love that four-wheel drive), but other drivers are pretty much idiots who don't know snow from their pubic hair. Keeping an eye out for morons is pretty much a full-time job in good weather; when it snows all bets are off.

Now there's a freezing rain outside, so I am comfortably ensconced inside, with a chilled bottle of Full Sail Amber and some ├╝ber cheesy-retro horror movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Robot Monster) to watch on the the DVR.

Speaking of which, this morning I wasn't getting very good reception on the TV, so I went outside to take a look at The Dish. It had about three inches of snow plastered to its almost-vertical face, which I was able to dust off fairly easily. But I was impressed with the picture I did get through all the snow, so kudos to Dish Network for their equipment.

So now it's time for the snow to go away. We've managed to get our yearly supply early (it generally snows two or three times per year, about two inches per snowfall, and it's gone in a couple of days) and I'm pleased about that, but come on, enough is enough. At least we haven't lost our electricity. That comes from living on the same power grid as the state capitol grounds and the governor's office, I think -- I'm just sayin'...

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Anthony Pitman said...

Here in the WNC mountains we haven't had 4 in total so far. Way below normal. And they say climate change is a myth. Sure looks pretty there and there is no day like a snow day off work lol. Enjoy your movies.