Saturday, January 07, 2012

Georgia Trusts in God

...all others pay cash. Sorry, I couldn't resist the cheap joke.

But seriously folks... The state of Georgia is on track to make all cars have license plates that state, boldly enough, "In God We Trust". Unless you are some kind of commie-leaning atheist and you don't trust in god, in which case you can pay some extra bucks to opt out of the program and have your county's name, emblazoned on a peel-off sticker, to paste over the motto.

You may also recall that our Congress, in the midst of a financial crisis unknown for nearly a century, chose to spend a day revisiting the issue of our national motto. Which is, curiously enough, also spelled "In God We Trust".

And is has been since the 1950s, when the old motto, "E Pluribus Unum", was overthrown. Too foreign-sounding, I guess...

Anyway, to get back to Georgia. I suppose there won't be any ... untoward ... reactions against those who opt out of wearing their religion on their sleeves. Like no noisy neighbors in sheets congregating on your front lawn and using a handy wooden relic as a flaming lantern to light their way and enlighten yours...

This is the one of the stupidest ideas to come out of a part of the country already well known for stupid ideas. It'll likely become law (who wants to come up for re-election this year when your opponent will cite your vote against god in his campaign literature?), and it'll also most likely be struck down by one of those activist judges on the supreme court of Georgia, or in the court of appeals, etc.

I guess it's easier to wear your religion on your sleeve -- or your bumper -- than actually, I don't know, really practicing it. I guess that whole "love your neighbor" and "help the poor" stuff kind of gets a little messy in real life.


Sarge said...

You are kick ass!



A World Quite Mad said...

"I guess that whole "love your neighbor" and "help the poor" stuff kind of gets a little messy in real life."

Actually loving your neighbor and helping the poor are really just too much work for the poor bastards. What with all that shopping they do before attending their mega-church they just simply don't have the time for it.

My father used to say that Georgia was as close as you could get to hell on earth (I think he might have been referring to Florida as the aforementioned hell, but I'm not sure). I suppose that makes this irony. He lived for a time in the south of Georgia, and while there he discovered it was too much for him even. You see, he's a conservative Christian, a bit of a redneck and gets nostalgic over the Confederacy... and he thought Georgia was crazy! I think that says something...

BadTux said...

Hmm. "Cthulhu" won't fit in the same space as "God", but "Dog" will. Yeppers, if I lived in Jawjah, "In Dog We Trust" would be my license plate. After all, I know Dog is real. I can, like, pet his head and stuff and hear him go "woof" and watch his tail wag, and he's very trustworthy. Can you say that about God? Same dude who tortured Job just because? Really?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Farnsworth68 said...

Ha, BT! "In Dog We Trust"! That's great. I wonder if the great state of Georgia would entertain creating one of those "vanity" style plates.
For that matter, I wonder if Washington would..
Wait here a moment while I go check...
There's an online application which will tell you if your proposed plate is allowed.
Nope, you're allowed only 7 characters including spaces, so the only thing I could get on was "In Dog".
Of course there's always the terrific, with their speedy service, quality product and low prices. I use them a lot.
--The F Man

BadTux said...

There's already In Dog We Trust bumper stickers ;)

- Badtux the Dog-trusting Penguin