Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is John McCain an Alcoholic Serial Rapist Wife Beater?

No, don't get your hopes up. This is not a scoop. I of course have no way of knowing whether he is or not. But that shouldn't prevent me from asking, in all innocence, the question.

That seems to be the thinking by the Washington Post, a flagship of the "liberal media", and other MSM outlets, including CNN, when they asked "Was Obama ever a Muslim?" Apparently one Floyd Brown, the guy who created the infamous Willie Horton ad in 1988, is trying to one-up himself by making this accusation-disguised-as-a-question about Obama. It's over at his scurrilous and slanderous website, which I refuse to link to, but you can Google it yourself.

It's pretty much been proved to everyone's satisfaction that Barack Obama is not a Muslim (why it even fucking matters is another story, especially since the US Constitution clearly states that there shall be no religious test to hold office). It's one thing to watch these assholes thrash around and make fools of themselves on the fringes of reality, but when the MSM/SCLM gets hold of it and elevates it to national importance, on the pretext of "fact checking" or whatever, then that's something else. And it's exactly what Ole Floydie B. wants -- national news converage. After all, he's pleading for donations on his website so he can put his ad on the air. Without the MSM driving people to his site, he wouldn't collect those ever-important slander bucks.

BTW, no one really thinks that Obama is a Muslim except cretins, morons, assholes and racist bigoted wingnut dipshits -- you know, the Michelle Malkins, the Michael Savage Wieners of this world, the ones who never, but never, say Barack Obama's name without putting the HUSSEIN in the middle of it. Usually in capital letters.

So that's why I have no qualms at all about asking that question about McCain. After all, inquiring minds want to know.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, good question... Let's throw it out there over ALL the "Internets" around the world and see how many places it will stick.