Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Running Scared?

It's unusual enough to have just one US Attorney fired in the middle of a presidential term. When it's eight of them, and all of the fired on the same day, it ought to raise the red flags all the way from Hagåtña Guam to Eastport Maine.

With the Democratic takeover of congress in the last election, the BFEE knew that it was on the ropes. My guess is that these eight were targeted as being the most likely to entertain criminal charges against members of the Bush Crime Family.

So what to do, what to do?

Fire the lot of them. On, of all days, December 7, 2006.

Sixty five years to the day after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

And to make matters worse, one of the eight, David Iglesias of New Mexico, has testified that senator Pete Domenici leaned on him to influence a case he was pursuing.

It's gratifying to see that the Dems seem to be growing some spine in spite of themselves. These hearings will bear watching, if only to see Tony Snowjob do a lot of squirming in front of the White House Whore Press Corps when the truth finally oozes out.

BTW, it was another of those little hidden gems in the Orwellian-named Patriot Act that allowed Der Monkey Fuehrer to appoint "interim" US attorneys without Senate confirmation for an undefined -- i.e. indefinite -- period of time.

Jesus, it would have been nice if just a few of the fuckers in the House and Senate that passed this piece of shit would have taken just a little time to actually read it.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm afraid any and all "hearings" are just another snow job themselves. It's quite a stretch to believe a congress that voted FOR the patriot act, that voted FOR the Iraqi war, that voted FOR illegal wiretaps, is going to suddenly get "religion" just because a couple more Republicans disguised as Democrats, are there.

I really think any and all hearings are a stopgap measure, until (hopefully), the fucker leaves when he's supposed to. A "Hey! Look what we're doing!!" kind of thing, and all the hearings go away when he does.

The attention span of the average Americritter is roughly the first two lines of this comment, and Congress counts on that.

C-dell said...

I hate the patriot act. It builds t he fire of hate in my I never new I could have. When ever I see patriot act anywhere that is all I can muster is my fury.