Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad Fox, No Waffles for You!

After an acrimonious and destructive-to-the-neocons hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Der Monkey Fuehrer withdrew the nomination of Swift Boat Liars for Bush bankroller Samuel Fox to be ambassador to Belgium.

I guess Baby Doc finally saw the writing on the wall and did some damage control by getting his boy out of there. Better to have your nominee "spend more time with his family" than suffer any further humiliation by having him go down to ignominious defeat.

One of Fox's biggest Senate supporters, Missouri's "Kit" Bond (R-Hypocrite) said he was disappointed that "a capable and qualified candidate with bipartisan support has become a victim of a political vendetta."

Yeah, I'll stipulate that good ole Sammy Fox knows something about political vendettas, since he funded one to the tune of $50,000, and even at this late date refuses to show any contrition about it.

Fuck Sammy Fox. It's no big loss to the diplomatic community, and at least now we won't have to worry about having to go to war with Belgium.