Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday by the Numbers

Total American dead in the Iraq Illegal Occupation: 2500 2513 2532 2540 2546 2558 2571 2585 2597 2605 2619 2641 2710 2737 2758 2788 2809 2826 2865 2888 2906 2959 3006 3018 3025 3067 3087 3118 3132 3151 3166 3189

Total coalition forces dead: 258
Total Iraqi Dead: 600,000+

Number of days since Baby Doc said he'd get Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive": 2005
Number of days since the illegal occupation of Iraq began: 1456
Number of days since "Mission Accomplished": 1405
Number of days between Pearl Harbor and the end of WWII: Only 1347

Number of days that the the Vice President has NOT shot a man in the face: 347
Number of days that the Bush Twins are still not pregnant with baste-'em-or-waste-'em Snowflake babies: 234.

It is still 705 days until the end of the BFEE Maladministration.


C-dell said...

The numbers just keep rising shameful.

jae said...

"705 days until the end of the BFEE Maladministration"

Well, THAT'S 704 days to many.

Peace Vet said...

How many more GI's over the weekend? How many Iraqis slaughtered?

The bastids who wouldn't fight in "my" war continue to send more troops and put more who don't want to go in prison.

And people wonder why those of us who fought in the last big lie are still "pissed off" 37 years later.

They destroyed our lives and now they're destroying our children.