Monday, March 19, 2007

Four Years

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the BFEE illegal occupation of Iraq.

What's it all meant?

  • 3218 dead US soldiers
  • 258 dead coalition forces soldiers
  • 600,000+ dead Iraqis
  • 30,000+ wounded, many of them severely, who have to come home to the criminal squalor that is Walter Reed
  • And a lifetime of agonizing distress for the estimated 30% of them who will suffer PTSD.
Not to mention the billions of dollars washed down a rathole in the desert with the blood of American soldiers.

Let's take a moment to reflect on the wasted lives that George W. "I'm-a-war-prezdint" Bush has thrown away, just so he can prance around and prove that his dick is bigger than his daddy's.

That and the insane and obscene profits being raked in by Halliburton, who is still making payoffs to Darth Cheney.

And the wingnuttery is STILL obsessed with supporting Der Monkey Fuehrer. Like I've said before, if there was a verified YouTube video of Bush and Cheney stomping kittens to death, the likes of Sean "My-hair-is-bigger-than-my-brain" Hannity, mAnn "My-adams-apple-is-bigger-than-yours" Coulter and Rush "I'm-an-addled-drug-addict-on-Viagra" Limbaugh would find some way to justify it: They were terrorist kittens, and terrorist kittens grow up to be terrorist cats.

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C-dell said...

They assured us it would never last this long.I bet they feel proud of themselves for feeding that crap to the american public.