Monday, March 05, 2007

Rumsfeld Knew About Walter Reed

Way back in fucking October Rummy's old lady, Joyce, saw firsthand the squalor and the degradation faced by American service men and women at Walter Reed hospital, according to a story in the The Australian:

Problems at Walter Reed have been known to officials at the highest level for some time. Joyce Rumsfeld, the wife of then defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made a surreptitious visit to the hospital at the urging of a concerned friend last October.
She attended a support meeting for the wives and mothers of soldiers and heard their complaints. At the end of the meeting she asked a social worker whether her husband was getting the truth about conditions there or whether the soldiers he met were being hand-picked to paint a rosy picture. They were being hand-picked, the social worker replied.
When Walter Reed officials found out that Joyce Rumsfeld had been secretly invited, her friend - a frequent volunteer - was told she was no longer welcome at the hospital.
Go ahead and read the rest of it, and then ask yourself why we still have to get our important news from sources outside the SCLM in this country.

It's appalling. It's disgusting. It's fucking criminal. And motherfucking Donald Rumsfeld is a war criminal who ought be frogmarched in front of the international court at The Hague.


Anonymous said...

'Everybody having those dreams', Bob Dylan 'Talking World War III blues'.

Woke up this morning in a sweat. Fucking nightmare's. This one ain't hard to figure. Stepped in a hole walking bare footed. Intense pain, I look in disbelief, Dirty syringe lodged in my foot. Fuck this is serious shit have to get to the hospital. I arrive at the hospital big emergency room sign outside. Now I'm feeling better. All I'm thinking about is I hope the fucker who got stuck with this needle before me didn't have one of those deadly blood diseases. Go through the E-room door the place is empty, dirty, floor tiles torn up. Doctors drifting by, fuck I'm invisible, start to panic, get a grip, think. OK there has to be a SOP for 'dirty needle stick'. No medical protocol's on the walls, there seems to be another E-Room hidden some where people are getting treated. Fuck if only I had access to a computer, I could find out what the protocol's are and do the research myself.

Screams, a 'gut' shot guy is screaming for his mother. He's he screaming he shit himself, he screams about everything. I hate him for screaming.....we're all secretly screaming inside, but we hate this pansy ass motherfucker. Idea! We will medically intervene, I.E. smother the fucker, kill him, put him out of his, and our misery. Staff get wind of our mercy killing and do a quick transfer,lucky bastard. I'm still screaming inside, I still want to kill that motherfucker, but regrettably I can't find him, so I can't kill him, .....No Peace in the House of WAR.
WTF over,

Anonymous said...

It is with regret that I must inform you the FCC and the Terrorism Task Force will be forwarded this piece of pinko/commie trash.As a former sinner, yes, I've sinned, there is still hope for this obviously deranged man. Sent $1000 in cash and a 15 year old boy to a drop box in Soho...details later

All will right with the Lord,
J. Swaggert
the forgiven sinner

Anonymous said...

Did ja see what Patty had to say about it all?