Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Now Isn't That Special?

Today Paul Morin, the national kommandant of the American Legion, finally broke squelch and admitted that his hero in the White House, Der Monkey Fuehrer, along with his kool-aid drinking yes-men in the 109th congress, fucked up when it came to helping America's veterans:

"We are not pleased with the budget for the military and for the VA hospitals for our veterans," Morin said. "I blame the President and Congress for insufficient funding of the VA health care system."
Funny isn't it, that we have to read this on Think Progress, a leftwing blog. Funny isn't it that the SCLM is strangely silent on a potentially earth-shaking about face by the nation's largest veterans group. They didn't have any problems covering Baby Doc's speech to the American Legion convention, though, including the drumbeat flagwaving redmeat comments about freedom and democracy, blah blah blah.

And it's sad (but gratifying--don't get me wrong) that Paul Morin is finally fed up with his boy in the White House. Where was the outrage when the Swifties were viciously attacking John Kerry with venomous lies about his Vietnam service? Where was the concern over the last six years of continuing VA budget cuts and lying to the American people about the rationale for the Iraq War?

I'm tempted to tell Morin to fuck off (yet again), but it's probably best to welcome him over to the not-Dark Side with a little "better late than never" welcoming embrace. It's just too bad that it took something as blatantly unAmerican as the squalor that awaits the severely wounded in the Bush Crime Family war of agression against the Iraqi people.


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And I thought I took the cake, you got some real whacked out people followin you Farnz

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"And I thought I took the cake, you got some real whacked out people followin you Farnz"

Who's following 'wingnut'? If your such a fountain of knowledge why don't don't you articulate your 'rightwing' position. Make my day, Punk.

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