Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sign the "No Cure" Pledge

Jonathan Alter over at MSNBC came up with a good one, patterned after the "No Tax" pledge from a few years back.

All of the self-aggrandizing posturing politicians who stood up behind Baby Doc at his veto of the Stem Cell Research Bill ought to be consistent in their beliefs. To that end, Alter came up with this pledge:

Because of my strong opposition to embryonic-stem-cell research, I hereby pledge that should I, at any point in the future, develop diabetes, cancer, spinal-cord injuries or Parkinsons, among other diseases, I will refuse any and all treatments derived from such research, at home or abroad, even if it costs me my life.
Signed, ______
There were 37 senators and 193 house members who stood up in support of Prezdint Numnutz. Now they can take that one extra step to show their true commitment to The Cause, to show that it was not election-year posturing.

If you are represented by these troglodytes, please ask them to sign the pledge and demonstrate their true dedication.

And if they refuse to sign, let your local media know about it.

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Professor Zero said...

Brilliant. And nice blog, in general.
Peace :-)