Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Called Free Speech, Morons

Thomas Jakubisyn, a Vietnam vet who owns a liquor store in Milford CT, has a cartoon posted in the window of his store that depicts a soldier in camouflage and reads: "Out of Work? Undereducated? No Health Plan? Join the Army and see Iraq."

Naturally the local branches of the Military Fascists of America -- aka the American Legion and the VFW -- are complaining that it feeds into "an inaccurate stereotype that American soldiers are less educated and less employable".

Jakubisyn says that the cartoon has been in the window for the last three years, since shortly after the US launched its attack on Iraq and he has no intention of taking it down.

Maybe those idiots in the service organizations ought to take a look at that constitution that they swore to uphold, especially that part about free speech.

If you don't like it, then don't shop there. There are lots of other liquor stores in Connecticut, and in the meantime leave your fellow veteran the fuck alone. If I lived in Connecticut, I'd go miles out of my way just to buy my booze from Jakubisyn.


Spadoman said...

Does he have a website, I'll buy from him on-line.

billie said...

it was in my paper not too long ago that veterens are having a difficult time finding work due to not having marketable skills in the workplace. not too many jobs driving tanks in suburbia. locally, it has been even tougher as upstate new york is a stagnant job market. homelessness, joblessness, illness- perhaps someday these folks will wake up and realize that this is not world war 2.

Anonymous said...

He is a Vietnam Vet who supports the troops, not the War....I think a lot of people feel the same.
Good for him for not backing down.

Anonymous said...

Veterans ought to be pissed. This is the news today and I would be furious if I was a Veteran.

The Freedom of Information act revealed that in 1963 Lyndon B. Johnson was in his office screaming into the phone "I want that Goddamn Ship (U.S.S. Liberty) sent to the bottom of the ocean!" LBJ was more concerned about not embarrassing our Israeli allies who were accused of allegedly mistaking the Liberty as an enemy ship. Recent proof from the Israeli government has made it crystal clear that the pilots attacking the ship pleaded with their command center who gave them orders to fire on the ship until it sunk.

Several Israeli fighter pilots, questioned the orders and audibly identified the ship under attack as American superior officers reiterated to the Iraeli pilots to obey orders and continue the attack.

Consequentally the U.S.S. Liberty was fired upon regardless, from attack boats in the water, and repeated air strikes yet miraculously, and largely due to the courage of its crew the ship managed to stay afloat and navigate to safety.

The entire attack, according to official stories was a case of mistaken identity and the Israeli's paid several million dollars to the U.S. for damage to the ship and an equal amount to the 34 victims whose lives were lost.

The controversy has prevailed for years, and even today the few surviving Veterans find it is nearly impossible for them to recall the Liberty incident without having tears of come to their eyes. Many of the Vets are angry that our country betrayed them, some are still grieving the loss of their friends and countrymen but most just want answers.

Unfortunately, the only answers they ever received was by then Secretary Robert McNamara's report calling it an awful accident. Fortunately today, the new Freedom of Information Act revelations have only served to raise more questions on whether or not LBJ committed treason against his own country for purposes of a "False Flag" operation.

Robert McNamara and LBJ are said to have made a pact and swore each other to secrecy to avoid the consequence of treasonous circumstances surrounding the U.S.S. Liberty. Some believe that the truth has been taken to their grave. Today survivors can only hope to make due with the small amounts of information that have been leaked over the years.

This post is to commemorate all the lives lost on that attack and remind the general public that our country and its leaders often cannot be trusted. Veterans cannot only be loved when the nation is in peril, it is wrong and it erodes the good work they have done. The reason we do not speak German in America is because of a veteran, try to remember that everytime you get annoyed with one.

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Anonymous said...

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Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Candidate for State Representative in 2008