Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Murtha News

Now it turns out that one of the Marines involved in what appears to have been a My Lai type massacre of twenty-some civilians in Haditha is suing John Murtha for slander, for what he is characterizing as "false and malicious lies" about him and the other Marines involved in the incident.

Never mind the fact that the evidence supports the allegations against the Marines. Remember, the truth has nothing to do with it.

I'd be interested in knowing who is bankrolling this guy. It woudn't surprise me a bit to learn that the purse strings have been loosened by the very same assholes involved in the Veterans for Truth attack on Murtha. And ultimately by the Rethug party itself, since there is no reason to doubt that this group, like its predecessor, is anything but another arm of the Ruling Party.

It's also interesting that the charge against Murtha is uttering "false and malicious lies". I guess these motherfuckers have no problem with plain old regular lies, just those that are "false and malicious".

And finally, I thought an article of faith for the Rethugs centered on so-called "tort reform" and the elimination of frivolous lawsuits. Or is that only for lawsuits that are filed against major corporations by the poor and the oppressed and the disenfranchised?


jae said...

Today was day Hellish as besides deadlines for projects, the boss had FAUX news on all day long.

First, it was 'Aren't you glad that Israel is bombing the shit out of those Hezbolla monsters?' Second it was 'Murtha's getting sued! Isn't that great?"

What does one say when one needs one's job?

One says....nothing.

I am tired of being part of the problem. Today I listened to the new CD by 'Michael Franti & Spearhead' and the song 'I Know I'm Not Alone' was on when I finally lost it. Why is there seemingly no end to the suffering, pain & destrucion in this world?

billie said...

i believe it was the heritage foundation who bankrolled linda tripp. probably one of those "think tanks" is bankrolling these so-called patriots.