Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ten Things You Can Do To Help Occupy Wall Street

Over at Huff Post there's an article written by Michael Kieschnick, who is the President of Credo Mobile (full disclosure, that the mobile phone service I use and I urge you to switch to it as well) talking about some things we can do to help Occupy Wall Street:

  1. Get information about what's really going on from truly independent media like Democracy Now.
  2. Show up -- if there is a local Occupation visit personally. Form you own opinion about the people you meet.
  3. Ask local occupiers if there are ways you can offer support -- from delivering food and blankets to participating in the General Assemblies or related marches and actions.
  4. Sign our petition on police misconduct against Occupy Wall Street here.
  5. If you have extra money, consider supporting lawyers defending various Occupy efforts at the National Lawyer's Guild here.
  6. See if the New Bottom Line coalition of unions, congregations and community groups is active in your area in confronting banks over foreclosures and evictions, and join in. Check them out here.
  7. Check out local member-owned credit unions to move your money into your local economy.
  8. If you are politically active, ask politicians you know to return any contributions from banks or Wall Street.
  9. Put up "We are the 99 percent" posters in your community. Make your own or download one from or
  10. If you are a parent or an educator, turn this into a teachable moment. Find resources here.