Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Black History Month

February each year is Black History Month, and it's a time for reflection, remembrance and consideration of the African-American experience, to honor some of the pioneers of American History who just happened to be Black.

I know that some of my "fans" (The Toad and his moronic minion come to mind immediately, but there have been others) are already pissing and moaning and whining: "This is raciest [sic] ... there ain't no White History Month!"

But they don't get -- and will never understand -- that every goddamn month of the year is "White History Month". It's like that old saying, A fish is the last one that's going to understand the principles of water... So, short form, screw The Toad and his toadies. I'm gonna celebrate Black History Month.

BTW, on the other side, it's also been a staple of Black comedians for years: "It figures; they gave us the shortest month of the year..." But there are actually some solid historical reasons for the choice of February.

So watch for some more posts during the course of the month that will celebrate and bring to the fore some of the "forgotten men" of African-American history and their contributions to the world in which we live.


Benjamin Jancewicz said...


Farnsworth68 said...

Got me! I was all prepared for one of those heavily racist onslaughts like I've been served from The Toad and his pals, but this came as a pleasant surprise!
Thanks, Ben, and here's a clickable link to White History Month.
--The F Man

Benjamin Jancewicz said...

Haha, thought you might appreciate that. :)

Keep speaking truth, brother! Love the blog.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thank you! And thanks for reading.
--The F Man