Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthers Love Palin

A recent poll shows that 51% of likely Rethug primary voters still believe, in the face of all of the evidence , that Obama was not born in the US and they still want to see the birth certificate.

Interestingly enough, this is the same group that puts Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin at the very top of their choices for president in 2012.

(Okay, I knew that this was supposed to be Palin-Free February, but come on...)

So I think it's a fair question, and one that gets asked on the always valuable and freely entertaining Palingates blog: Where is Trig's birth certificate?

And those of you who think it's somehow "not fair" to drag a politician's children into the debate, where were you when Rush Limbaugh called the then-12-year-old Chelsea Clinton the "White House dog"? Besides, Mama Grisly has been exploiting her children for political gain since day one; she's the one who dangled them out there over the balcony railing like Michael Jackson. As Palingates says, "We would love to leave them alone, but Sarah Palin keeps shoving them in our faces to market her Christian/real American family values..."

Sarah Palin's Alaska? Really, that was really all about Alaska and not all about furthering her own selfish political aspirations? Especially when, in numerous shots, from inside a moving vehicle, and neither she nor her daughter, Willow, are even pretending to wear seat belts? I call that child endangerment, and the laws of every state, including Alaska's, agree with me.

I also call that child exploitation for political gain -- after all, if that kid was sitting back in the seat with the belt fastened properly around her, she wouldn't be visible to the camera, and what would be the point of it all then? Sarah talking to herself? I'm sure she does enough of that as it is, but chances are she wouldn't want it caught on camera...

So, getting back to the topic. If that 51% of voters vote with their True Beliefs, then we can look forward to Sarah Palin being the GOP nominee.

Bring it on! If the Democrats can't beat Caribou Barbie*, then they deserve to be out of power.


[* In a fair election, that is. If she does win, it will be fraud at the polls in numbers so frightening that it will make the old Soviet Union elections look scrupulously honest by comparison.]


Marc McDonald said...

Great post!

>>If the Democrats can't beat
>>Caribou Barbie, then they
>>deserve to be out of power

As much as I hate to admit it, the Dems are capable of blowing anything. The fact that the 2004 election wasn't an overwhelming landslide for Kerry is proof of this. Kerry crushed Bush in all three debates---and yet, in the end, it didn't make a difference. Which is something to think about when you consider the Dems who look forward to an Obama/Palin debate because they're so sure it'll guarantee an election win for the Dems.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, MM. Note my caveat, "fair election"...
But you are correct in saying that the Dems have been masters at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory too many times in the past.

FreeRepublik said...

I think it would take a lot more "Sarah Gets Out of Her Mansion" TLC shows to get any normal Independent or even a normal Republican to vote for that woman.

Kevin said...

I first heard of Palingates early last year. I read a Babygate article that got me thinking. Previously I had considered the whole Trig baby swap thing funny but Palingates made a lot of sense, and it as Palin put it, its a "fair question." After all, she promised to release her medical records like every other candidate in 2008 but then balked. Is she hiding something?

Also, I am sure you are familiar with the veracity of Palin supporters. You get in their way and they will attack you for trying to hurt their poor defenseless momma grizzly. I can imagine intimidation by these people come 2012. It always pains me to see a Palin2012 sticker on a car because I instantly know that person has no comprehension of reality.

I worked with a die-hard Palin fan and noticed that they were drawn to the cult of Palin. This individual also entered into the Church of Scientology briefly (they left only due to monetary strains). It gave me great insight into the mind of someone who can support such an idiot!

Kevin said...

Also, you touch on something I fear may happen - Democrats lose to a horrible candidate. It happened last year - Florida elected Rick Scott as governor. He was a man whose hospitals systemically defrauded Medicare and set up a shadow organization to fund his campaign and get around finance laws. He campaigned on a tea party platform against a well respected Democratic former CFO, but in the end, the millions he spent bought him his position...

This leads me to believe voters are stupid and they fall for dirty tricks, and Republicans are good at playing dirty.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, people. FR, I hope you are right. Kevin, I've always said that we underestimate the stupidity of the Moron-American Voting Bloc at our peril.
A good friend of mine says that Palin is right where she wants to be, raising money right and left (well, maybe not "left" so much) and doesn't even want to be elected president because it is, to quote Baby Doc Bush, "hard work". But Palin has to think, if it is such hard work, then why was he on vacation a full third of his two terms?
I told him I hope he's right, but he's giving her too much credit for intelligence, and counting too much on the wisdom of the low-information voters.
--The F Man