Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Help Here, Please...?

Bernie Weisz is not a Vietnam veteran, but he is a historian of the Vietnam War, and has written many detailed and coherent reviews of books that have come out of the war (uh, ahem, mine included...).

And now he has developed some temporary, but nevertheless severe and debilitating, medical problems ... and he also has lost his job. Which means he has no medical insurance and is facing the inevitable financial disasters that these events lead to.

He needs some help, so please, everyone, consider going to over PayPal and kicking a little dough into Bernie's account. Even just a few bucks will help him out immensely.

His PayPal account is (naturally) his email: BernWei1@aol.com

Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes. You will be helping out a good guy and someone who really needs the money.