Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Today's One-Question Quiz: Will He Do It???

Seventy-four US Congressional representatives have signed a letter to Justice Clarence Thomas asking him to recuse himself from future deliberations over the health care law because his wife works for the Heritage Foundation, one of the most vocal -- and most wealthy -- of the organizations which are actively working to disable the law.

So guess what party the Reps belong to. That's right: The Democratic Party.

And if SCOTUS "House Boy" and Scalia Lapdog Clarence "Uncle" Thomas was shamelessly willing to try to hide his wife's income from even the fucking IRS, then what are the odds that he will actually recuse himself from those deliberations?

That's right: Zero.

Okay, I cheated and gave you two questions on today's quiz, but I know that you are all smart people and could get the answers right away. Unlike the wingnut readers of this blog (both of them), who probably couldn't count to ten if you spotted them nine numbers...