Monday, February 07, 2011

Fighting Back

Cock-fighting -- not what you think, the kind with real roosters -- received a severe hit recently in Kern County, California.

It has been long derided as a cruelty-to-animals blood "sport", but finally there seems to have been some revenge on the part of the chickens.

An autopsy has shown that local cock-fighting entrepreneur-and-legend-in-his-own-mind Jose Luis Ochoa died as the result of being stabbed in the leg by ... his own rooster!

Okay, maybe not his own rooster, but Ochoa was definitely stabbed by a razor-spur-wearing bad-boy rooster and bled out about two hours later.

In the words of the rooster involved [translated]: "Take that, motherfucker!"


mike said...

I remember thinking the same when I was watching a video a while back of a guy getting stabbed in the chest by a sword fish he had caught. I don't think the guy died, but I bet it gave him something to think about the next time he went fishing.

Anonymous said...

Poetic justice.


double nickel said...

Karma's a bitch.