Thursday, January 06, 2011

Michelle Bachmann? Really?

Just what we need, another batshit crazy presidential candidate:

“Rep. Michele Bachmann is beginning to consider a presidential run, according to close congressional aides,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes. “As part of that effort, the Minnesota Republican is traveling to the early caucus state of Iowa on Jan. 21 to confer with state GOP leaders and address a group of conservative tax activists… While Bachmann has made no firm decision about a White House bid in 2012, ‘nothing is off the table,’ press aide Sergio Gor told the Star Tribune Wednesday, confirming an earlier ABC News report.
When someone from your own staff acts all coy like this about your plans to run for president, you just know that she is going to be running.


Finally, some much-needed if unintentional humor injected into the presidential race. I can't wait for her and Half-governor Palin to start yapping at each other during the first primary debate.

In the words of several characters in a memorable episode of Seinfeld, "Mmmmm, cat fight!"

When it's all over and they are shown up for the moron losers that they really are, maybe they can enter the Witless Protection program. Neither of them should have the slightest problem getting in.


Anonymous said...

It's too horrible to imagine Batsh@t Bachmann taking the reins of power. Remeber how I said I'd move to Canada illegally in 2012 if Palin won, I'd have to run to Australia if that lutefisk-smoking wingnuts wins.


Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, WS
In 2004 She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and I spent a month in Australia scoping out possible refugee locations. I love the country and love the people, but at that time they wanted a huge "entry fee" to move there. You had to show something like $300,000 in liquid assets before they would even consider you. I don't know if that's changed, but my guess is that if it has, it's gotten larger.
Too bad.
-- The F Man