Monday, January 03, 2011

Snarlin' Arlen's Valedictory Address

I have never been a fan of Arlen Spector, what with his life-long Republicanism until he had that cynical "deathbed conversion" to the Dems when it was obvious that he couldn't win the 2010 Republican primary.

In case we forget, he was also, as counsel for the Warren Commission, the primary author of and chief cheerleader for the infamous -- and impossible -- Single Bullet Theory that held, against all of the evidence, that one single bullet, allegedly fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from a defective weapon, traveled right through JFK apparently without resistance, and then went on to a second career, driving through the chest and several body parts of Texas governor John Connolly, causing numerous wounds, and finally ending up lodged in his thigh. And that it somehow miraculously remained in an almost-pristine and visibly undamaged condition, even though the bullet fragments in Connolly's thigh were proof -- buried under Big John's skin -- that this was impossible.

Nevertheless, here is his complete farewell address (in two parts) -- which he stresses is not a farewell address -- in which among other things he slams both his erstwhile Rethug colleagues and the rightwing mouthbreathing Rethug knuckledraggers on the Supreme Court.

So Arlen, exactly where was all this honesty and doubt and criticism over the last half-century -- and especially the last decade -- when you had every opportunity to voice these concerns?

Nevertheless, here's Snarlin' Arlen at his best: