Friday, January 21, 2011

Have They No Sense of Shame?

Today I read the news that SCOTUS Crypto-Nazis Scalia and his lapdog Thomas have been palling around with the infamous Koch Brothers Crime Family.

This happened before the reprehensible making-laws-from-the-bench Citizens United ruling.

At the very least, these two black-robed inquisitors should have recused themselves from the case. But of course, they didn't.

IOKIYAR* is the appropriate acronym here, apparently.

But I find that the most troubling aspect of this is that they aren't even trying to hide it. They are blatant about their rightwing partisanship. I'm starting to long for the good old days of brown-bag money drops and smoke-filled rooms. At least back then, you could imagine the corruption, and for the most part the imagined wrongs were worse than the reality.

Now it's right out there, and lo and behold, the real corruption is worse than the imagined corruption.


[*IOKIYAR = It's Okay If You Are A Republican]

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Ted McLaughlin said...

Shame is not a Republican family value - but hypocrisy is.