Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Filibuster Reform Petition

Like most other reality-based carbon-based life forms in this country, I want to see some reform of the US Senate filibuster rules.

The Rethugs have filibustered a record number of times (203 since 2007) but you'd never know how obstructionist they really have been because all they've had to do is threaten to do it. No more of the Jimmy Stewart-like thespian tour de force we saw in Mister Smith Goes to Washington.

Well, that needs to change. When someone is filibustering, the American people need know that. They need to be able to switch on C-SPAN and watch them making a fool of themselves. Can you imagine what weak-assed bumbling arguments they could try to articulate concerning, for example, their opposition to the bill to help First Responders?

To that end, please consider signing the petition over at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Yeah, after you sign you'll be pleaded with to send in some campaign cash, but hey, after the Citizens United decision, you already know that until we finally get publicly-financed campaigns, politics isn't gonna be cheap.