Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Franklin Graham & His Sycophants on Sarah Palin

From the Billy Graham website (I wont provide the link because I don't want the trackback -- Google it if you really want to see it), here's what Billy Junior (aka Franklin Graham) has to say about Saint Sarah:

I have been shocked at the reports from those suggesting that former Governor Sarah Palin has some level of responsibility for the horrific shooting in Arizona.
. . .
She is a kind and compassionate God-fearing woman who believes with all her heart that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Whether you agree with her politics or not, it is outrageous to suggest that her political opinions encourage violence toward anyone.
Jesus wept.

Even worse are some of the reader comments on this site:
  • Thank you Franklin for voicing for so many that which we believe and know to be the truth about Sarah Palin. She is a godly woman who publicly professes Jesus as her Personal Savior and Lord. This attrocity [sic] belongs to one man who has given himself over to hate, violence and destruction. Anyone expoilting [sic] this evil act to push their agenda is in fact promoting it.
  • Thank you for standing up for Sarah Palin. I am thankful that she is a Christain [sic], and I pray she will become our next President. May God help us to have a strong Christain [sic] in the White House. We need to turn back to God as a nation and having a Christain [sic] president will show us as a Christain [sic] nation once again. May God continue to bless us!
  • I agree with Franklin, our society has been so conditioned to let our youth grow up with all this corruption, murder, rape, cursing etc. It is small wonder our kids are so violent and messed up. It is not the LORDS' way, it is Satans' way. The gospel states that man will become weaker and wiser. I think you have to look at that with broad strokes of periods in civil and social acts. When you constantly pour evil acts by the bucket full on our kids. All the killing games that are available for so call entertainment. Wow our kids don't have much of a chance. Don't blame 1 or 2 people for these crimes, we have to look at ourselves and say where can we start to get this stuff off our airways, out of our play station game rooms. Praise be to GOD,to help us through these terrible times.
  • How unconsionable [sic] that someone could even consider Gov. Palin as somehow contributing to this heious [sic] crime. Palin who is a Christian and stands only for righteousness and godly principles. May she become our next president.
So there you go. These people, aside from being spelling-challenged and thinking-impaired (equating murder and rape with cursing? Really?), are deadly serious about pushing the Half-governor into the White House.

South America is starting to look real good about now...


Anonymous said...

Beware of anyone wearing a robe made of dogmatic bullshit...


Farnsworth68 said...

Hmmm, so that explains that funny smell whenever he's around...
--The F Man