Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Striking a Blow for Traditional Marriage

Those wingnuts love traditional marriage SO MUCH that they have to engage in it as often as possible.

By way of example, I see that my old buddy Rusty Pimple-Assed-Draft-Dodgin'-Professional-Loudmouth Limpdick just tied the knot again ... for the fourth time!

To a girl who is something like 25+ years younger than him!

I gotta tell ya, nothin' says "we support traditional marriage" better than that...

Remember when the cry against gay marriage was that it would be the first step towards polygamy? Rapidly followed by "man on dog sex" (Rick Santorum, R-Wackjob)?

Well well... Given that the multiple marriages of Limbaugh and his ilk are The Thing To Do in the Rethug party, I think I'd call that "serial polygamy". There's a time-honored psychological phenomenon wherein a person will feel called upon to decry that tendencies in him/herself that are the most detestable and represent hidden desires.

Rusty and his fellows? They WANT polygamy. And Santorum? He WANTS to screw the pooch. Literally.

Well, Ricky, if you really want to screw a dog that badly, let me introduce you to Spike, my neighbor's pitbull/rottweiler cross. He might have a differing opinion on who's going to do what to whom, but I'll let the two of you work it out on your own...