Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Case You Thought Otherwise...

Here's a story on the "true facts": Obama Finds Cure For Cancer. Republicans Attack Him For Putting Oncologists Out of Work:

In what should be a celebration of this incredible medical and science breakthrough, it's business as usual on the Hill as the Party of No seeks to obstruct the administration's agenda and downplay its accomplishments.
"I said it earlier in the year and I meant it," said Arizona Sen. John McCain. "We will not support anything this president does, and that includes curing cancer. We'll find a way, as always, to point out how that's bad for America."
And it seems the GOP leadership has found its theme: jobs. "The country is already facing historic unemployment levels," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky). "This cure is going to put 200,000 oncologists, chemo labs and funeral homes out of business. It's just another slap of the Obama recession on the face of the American worker."
Jumping on the attack wagon was Sarah Palin, who accused Obama of another government takeover. "It's Socialized Life," she said, coining yet another brilliantly crafty soundbite. "It's Marxism. It's exactly what The Marx Brothers warned about in all their movies."
It's like I always said when asked "What kind of a Marxist are you?"

I'm a Groucho Marxist!

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Anonymous said...

That would be funny if it were not so close to the Republican behavior!

Jay in N.C.