Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Double Milestone!

A double milestone today. Today is the five-year anniversary of this blog AND this is the 2000th post.

And to think that back in 2005 I was concerned that I'd soon run out of stuff to talk about, and that I'd grow bored and distracted after a while.

But here's why that didn't happen: I'm an inveterate letters-to-the-editor writer, and I'm often frustrated by their limitations -- no more than 250 words, no "bad" language, one letter per month, pointless discussions with the editorial page editor over word usage (one time he and I argued on the telephone for fifteen minutes over my use of "radical Christianists", which I intended would counterbalance "radical Islamists", a term which the newspaper used consistently). They were pointless because he always won those debates. Which is fine, I guess, since it's his editorial page.

As I've always said, owning a blog is like being able to write several letters to the editor in a single day and getting them all published. Without some bullying fascist editor cutting them to shit.

Hooray for the "new media".

And a sincere and heartfelt Thank You to all of you, my constant readers. Stick around for, who knows, another 2000 posts and another five years? After all, I'll only be ... 70(!)

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