Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from the Beach

I'm back from the long weekend on the Oregon Coast, and I've decided that it's not really Google Anal's fault. I'm infected with some kind of sneaky and creepy malware that is preventing me from loading various websites.

Blogger isn't the only one with a problem, and I can load it fine from a couple of other computers that I tested.

I ran Norton, but it can't find anything wrong. And, I am sure, because of this problem, it hasn't updated spyware definitions since early April.

So I'll be offline for the next week or so while I reformat my hard drive and reinstall all of my "clean" software.

See you back here then.

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Anonymous said...

I do not sell this or have any profit interest in it but I have 6 computers for myself and business and I use ESET NOD 32 Anti-virus and I have not had a virus on any computer in 3 years and it is no more expensive maybe less than Norton or the main stream and it is commercial grade. I read your blog few days so keep up the good writing.