Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fired for Fornication?

In today's oddball news out of Florida, I learned that a fourth-grade teacher at a Xian school was fired from her job for...


Fornication? This is ten-years-plus into the new millennium and that concept seems as foreign sounding -- and with the same impact -- as mopery*.

But there she is, 39-year-old Jaretta Hamilton, who, it turned out, had the purely immoral audacity, the unmitigated driven-by-the-devil gall, to allow herself to get pregnant a few days before her already-planned wedding.

So the school's only reasonable reaction? Fire her.

I guess she got off lucky. If the Dominionists take over, she wouldn't have gotten off so easy. Death by stoning was -- and remains, as far as they are concerned -- the usual biblical punishment for a woman who was not a virgin on her wedding night.

Oh the shame.

BTW, I wonder, after looking at the happy couple's photo if the fact that they are an interracial couple has anything to do with it? I'm just sayin...

[* The best description I've heard of mopery is this: Exposing yourself to a blind person...]


Matthew said...

Shouldn't be surprised, it is FLORIDA. Sex is scary, and interracial marriage is even more scary.

Disgusting that people still live with that mindset.

PS: The word verification for this comment was 'herfists'. Coincidence?

Farnsworth68 said...

Well..."herfists" huh? Purely coincidental, I would think.
Thanks for the comment.
--The F Man