Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yassuh, Toby Be Good...

In a disgusting yet telling display, newly-anointed GOP "leader" Michael Steele was forced on bended knee to kowtow to the real leader of the Rethug party, Rush Limbaugh, after he made some "unconsidered" remarks about the Fatboy Dopehead.

Jeez, given all of the racial problems that the Rethugs have had over the last forty years or so (ever since Tricky Dick's "Southern Strategy" starting circa 1970) -- and especially given Limbaugh's own problems with black people -- you'd think that this would be the last thing they'd want the American public to see.

But no, there it was, for all America to see: Poor Michael Steele, looking like he just stepped out of a scene from Roots, having to figuratively -- and almost literally -- lick his master's boots.

And now I hear that there are rumblings that the Fatboy himself may be considering a run for the Offal Office in 2012.

Really? In that case, bring it on! I can't imagine a candidate on the right who would be better for the Democrats, unless it was Sarah Palin.

So imagine this: A Palin-Limbaugh ticket in 2012.

Of course that's not gonna happen. It would have to be Limbaugh-Palin -- ole Rusty just couldn't stand the thought of having a woman on top...


pauzhaan said...

Long time lurker -- first time message leaver.

Back in the 70's, I was in tech school at Keesler AFB, MS. There I saw my 1st real live KKK members on the street in Biloxi. They were "selling" pamphlets.

The vehemence of my reaction to this sight actually frightened me. For a few moments, I considered using my car to ram the KKK through a store front. (But I didn't)

I feel the same sorts of visceral feelings when I consider Rush or Palin.

Thank you for your blog and especially thank you for your service to our country.

Truckloadbear said...

"ole Rusty just couldn't stand the thought of having a woman on top.."

I have a horrific mental image of Daryn Kagan insisting to be on top due to the chance of "death by Limbaugh".