Friday, March 20, 2009

Shocker of the Week: Some Gitmo Prisoners Are Innocent

Yeah, you coulda knocked me over with a fender (in the words of the late and much lamented Jane Ace) when I learned that a former high-level official with the NKVD Bush Administration came out and admitted -- shock, shock! -- that so many of the "enemy combatants" in Guantanamo Bay detention were, in fact, "non-enemy non-combatants".

In other words, fucking innocent of the "crimes" for which they were being detained.

I dunno, but sometimes it feels like those of us over here in Left Blogistan have been, on so many fucking occasions, the only ones in the whole fucking country to see this kind of shit. I mean what the fuck is up with that? I have in my life had neither the desire nor the impetus to become a political pundit -- and for that matter, I probably lack the requisite skillset, which is to be wrong 98% of the time -- but even I predicted this early on in the game.

Why has it taken so long for the rest of the US to catch up?


Mr. Natural said... has a comprehensive listing of places where one can sign on to petitions and whatnot to help (we hope) bring these particular criminals before the hammer of justice.

Alrighty then, NOW I will see what else you got to read here...

Peace, bro,

Mr. Natural said...

It dosen't make ANY sort of sense, does it? Even I SAW IT AS A SCAM from the git-go, and all those terribly bright people were taken in? NOT FUCKING LIKELY. There is some real deep, real nasty shit going on. I hope to sell this nice place at the coast soon and bug out to New Zealand. What the fuck, in my 60's now, maybe time for one last great adventure! Thank goodness SS Disability income can be got at almost anywhere in the world.